Personal Info

  • Name: Arafath Sheikh
  • Date Of Birth: 05 th November 2011
  • Current City : Pune (Maharashtra)
  • Sport: Motorsports 
  • Destination: Formula 1
  • National Races : 18
  • International Races : 15
  • Current Team : Meco Motorsports (INDIA)
  •                              DojoMoto Racing (U.A.E)
Story / Biography
Arafath Sheikh,

A student of The Bishop School- Pune,  is the youngest Indian Go-Kart driver, and he is already grabbing the headlines with age-defying performances at National & International Race tracks.

Arafath’s father, Sayeed Sheikh, was into motorsports, and naturally, the youngster grew up watching his father’s medals and trophies.

“My fascination for cars and speed began after watching my father’s motorsports passion,” says Arafath.

He never liked playing with soft toys like most of the kids. Instead, what always attracted him were Hot Wheels scale cars and radio control fuel trucks.

In the very first lap of his tranning career at a tiny age of 4.5 years old, Arafath performed exceptionally well, never touching the tyre boundaries even once at a Go kart track in Pune. However, since this was his first experience of driving, the youngster started crying after the lap because of the engine noise. Although he continued for a few more times on Sayeed’s insistence, it took him a while to get used to it. But after 3-4 laps, Arafath himself found driving very interesting and went on for 50 more laps in the entire day. Since then, the karting kid has hardly looked back!